dam|age1 W2S2 [ˈdæmıdʒ] n
1¦(physical harm)¦
2¦(emotional harm)¦
3¦(bad effect)¦
4 damages
5 the damage is done
6 what's the damage?
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: dam 'damage', from Latin damnum; DAMN4]
physical harm that is done to something or to a part of someone's body, so that it is broken or injured
damage to
damage to property
These chemicals have been found to cause serious environmental damage .
The earthquake caused extensive structural damage .
His eyesight may have suffered irreparable damage .
The other ship sustained only minor damage .
The insurance covers accidental damage to the vehicle.
There may be permanent brain damage .
the need to reduce flood damage
harm caused to someone's emotions or mind
The death of a parent can cause long-lasting psychological damage .
3.) ¦(BAD EFFECT)¦[U]
a bad effect on something
damage to
The damage to his reputation was considerable.
The closure of the factory will cause severe damage to the local economy.
damage limitation/control
the attempts at political damage control during the scandal
4.) damages [plural] law
money that a court orders someone to pay to someone else as a punishment for harming them or their property
The court awarded him £15,000 in damages.
5.) the damage is done
used to say that something bad has happened which makes it impossible to go back to the way things were before it happened
She immediately apologized, but the damage was done.
6.) what's the damage?
spoken used humorously to ask how much you have to pay for something
COLLOCATES for sense 1
do/cause damage
serious/severe/extensive damage
irreparable/irreversible/permanent damage (=damage that cannot be repaired)
minor damage
accidental damage
brain/liver/lung etc damage
flood/storm/fire etc damage (=damage caused by a flood, storm, fire etc)
damage 2
damage2 W3S3 v [T]
1.) to cause physical harm to something or to part of someone's body
insects that damage crops
badly/severely/seriously damage
Smoking can severely damage your health.
a shampoo for dry or damaged hair
2.) to have a bad effect on something or someone in a way that makes them weaker or less successful
The changes in share values have damaged investor confidence.
emotionally damaged children
WORD CHOICE: damage, hurt, injure, wound
Damage means to cause physical harm to a thing or to a part of your body : Fires can damage crops and animals. | He damaged a knee ligament playing rugby.
You do not usually talk about damaging a person. Use hurt , injure , or wound instead : He was hurt in a climbing accident (NOT He was damaged in a climbing accident).
However, you can talk about damaging an unborn child : German measles in pregnancy can damage your baby.
Use hurt or injure to talk about people suffering physical harm as a result of an accident, earthquake, hurricane etc : No one was hurt in the car crash. | We hoped he wasn't seriously injured.
!! Do not say 'injure someone's health'. Say ' damage someone's health '.
Use wound to talk about someone being hurt by a weapon such as a gun or a knife : He shot dead three people and wounded several others. | a wounded soldier

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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